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Adwords – is it worth it?

The aim of an Adwordds Campaign is promoting your website using sponsored search results, marked by Google as ads. Some companies always use this tool of promotion, while others keep away from it. We think that Google Adwords campaigns are a great marketing tool but not for every company. Contact us to know if promoting your company this way is worth it.

How does it work?

Thanks to a Google Adwords campaign your website starts being visible for the keywords you have chosen, for the people fitting the criteria, e.g. place of occupation, age, sex, device (computer, tablet, mobile phone). A well-specified group makes possible to reach your prospective clients exactly when they are looking for the products offered by your company. In turn, you can be sent more inquiries or be called more often than now.

How much does it cost?

Google Adwords is a system which charges the payment only when the potential client is redirected to your website by clicking on a sponsored link. One click costs between several dozens groszy and a few zloty. What is the total cost of a campaign? It depends on what goals you want to achieve by it. Companies spend from tens to a few hundred zloty per month on Google Adwords campaigns.

What is the duration of a campaign?

A campaing remains active untill its budget runs out or you declare the will of suspending the campaign. Companies usually choose two to six months campaigns. It is also possible to carry on a two weeks campaign. However, only in exceptional situations is it effective and allows to gather valuable data.

What are results?

Initially, a campaign is used only to gather the information on the market and does not always generate income. With time, some products turn out to be more profitable to be promoted than others. It is a decisive moment, which allows us to optimize the campaign so the outcomes generated by new clients are higher than the costs of the campaign.

Reporting results

Every activity is measurable – starting with the number of visits, their costs, up to the more advanced indicators, e. g. conversion and return of the product promotion investment. In the report included are the statistics, a short desription of the current situation and some possible changes suggestions.

System security

We are often asked by our clients whether it is possible for their competitors to deplete their advertisement budget by clicking on their links. We answer – Google Adwords is protected by a security system, which limits charging fees for multiple clicks, to one click per day. The system gives back the fees charged by invalid clicks activities, which are caused by automated tools or robots.

How does it work?

First, we check if an Adwords campaign will be a good solution for your company – it depends mostly on the trade and quality of your website. If there are no contraindications, we prepare the initial campaign strategy – together, we set down the budget, keywords and territorial range. Next, the keywords are divided into advertising groups and each group is given an individual description. The final campaign project is sent by email.