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Show us your vision and observe how it becomes reality or get inspired by our vision and let us realize it. Merging visions is one of our key abilities. Using it, we can create projects which will charm you and you clients.


Our campaigns and projects are realized based on the marketing strategy provided. However, it is not always done this way. Why? Almost half of polish companies do not have a marketing strategy at all, according to the up-to-date research. What is interesting, the cost of a marketing strategy is much lower than the cost of investing in indiscriminate promotional actions.

Graphic material

The graphic material necessary for realizing the project can be provived by you company, prepared by us or collected from the external sources (e.g. photo banks or the producers' websites). We also do professional photo shoots in the area of Poznań.

Text material

When are the advertising texts good? They are good only when, after reading them, your client thinks - 'it may possibly be a way to solve my problem'. Writing advertising texts is not an easy task – it requires writing proficiency, excellent knowledge of the client's needs and the time for editing and gathering the opinions on them.


Mockup allows a project to be displayed as a simple sketch. Its goal is to verify if the project will be realized according to UX (user experience) and web usability. By these rules, the users will easily find the needed information and using your websites will bring positive emotions.


Every graphic project is created individually. It undergoes a multistage process of approval and you are the decisive person. After being given your comments and suggestions, the necessary changes are implemented, to let your company be fully satisfied with the effects of our work.


Our projects are implemented in two areas – internet and printing. For website creation, we provide our own servers and complete programming support. In the case of advertising materials, they can be printed and sent to your office.


Our specialization is Google search engine internet marketing. We use two main promotion channels – positioning and Google Adwords. Our campaigns are carried on on a local, national and international scale. Learn more in subpages: positioning and Google Adwords.

*The information from 'Marketing Strategies 2014' project was created by Mind Progress Group, in cooperation with IPC Research Institute.